Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What Is It About Photography That Is So Enticing?

I often wonder why people like what they like. Why does a doctor become a doctor? Well, it must be because he likes "doctoring." Same goes for firemen, politicians, and pilots. Of course, photographers get into photography because they love it.

But why? What makes photograpy so great that you'd want to spend not only your time but your money on its pursuit? Photography can be extremely expensive, in terms of time and money. A good, not great, digital SLR will set you back well over $500. The best ones go for thousands. Lenses can cost at least an arm, if not an arm and two legs. Tripods, external flashes, bags, memory -- it all costs money.

Not to mention the monumental cost in terms of time. Time to set up a shoot, do the shoot, do the post-processing and printing, the delivery -- one could easily spend 24 hours a day perfecting his craft.

However, that's impossible, and, quite frankly it is not the objective of this site. The objective of this site is to pique your interest in photography, bring out your creativity, and enjoy one of life's most interesting and passionate activities.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Until you can't. Then, just go out there and snap some shots.

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