Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Automatically upload photos to Flickr

I've yet to try this, as I am not at my home computer. If this works as described, this will be a most-useful tool in anybody's photography arsenal. I use Flickr for 2 main reasons: To display photos to the outside world and, most importantly, to back up my photos.

When I get back from any photo shoot, I upload my photos to my computer. But I don't stop there. I then upload all my JPEGs to Flickr. At the very least, if my computer melts down, I may have lost my RAW (which I backup to DVD on a monthly basis) files but I'll still have my JPEGs. Needless to say, if it's a really important set, I'll back up the RAW files immediately.

When I get home and have a few spare moments, I'll follow the steps at the link and perform this automatic upload magic.

Hack Attack: Automatically upload a folder's photos to Flickr - Lifehacker

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  1. Ok, just tried this out and it works beautifully (if a little slow).